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The right space for your brand.

An eye-catcher for customers

Pictures say more than a thousand words: so, we bring visionary spatial concepts and future-oriented presentation ideas to life for our clients – sometimes in co-operation with partners. Even at a preliminary stage, with the help of convincing 3D visualisations, we can show customers how we will stage-manage their business ideas for maximum impact.


Because experience counts

For more than three decades we have designed Trade-Fair stands and showrooms across Central Europe. And in the process we have been successful in building up long-term business relationships – please see our testimonials. This is what makes LM Design’s agency in Wartberg / St. Barbara im Mürztal your automatic first point of contact!


Our range of services displays your expertise

As a creative agency, LM Design has mastered the whole bandwidth for spatial stage-management of brands;
for example:


  • Trade-Fairs and exhibitions
  • showroom design
  • displays and ‘Infotainment’ products
  • interior and spatial planning
  • facade design